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Breaking: Chris Attoh’S Wife Shot Dead!


May 11, 2019, 11:07 a.m.

Chris Attoh’s second wife Bettie Jenifer has reportedly died in the U.S after being shot in the head!

Jenifer was leaving her office in Maryland Friday evening when she was accosted by a gunman who pursued her and fired off multiple rounds at her, NBC Washington reports.

At least one of the shots struck her and fatally wounded her. She was declared dead at the scene by emergency services. 

Jenifer got married to Chris Attoh last year, but their marriage was reportedly on the rocks after Attoh signalled the traditional sign of trouble in a celebrity marriage by deleting all her photos off his Instagram page.

We are yet to see Attoh’s reaction to this news, but would be on the watch out for it.

Police in Greenbelt, Maryland says the suspect is likely a black man with a thin build and with black hair. He was wearing dark clothing and may have been in a blue car.

May Jenifer rest in peace.