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The Dichotomy Of Praise And Breakthrough - Stevesottieministries


May 4, 2019, 8:18 p.m.

The epitome of sound relationship is acknowledgement. When you express your appreciation, the rapport will flourish. 
I want to share with you today; about the epitome of praising God. God is a great God. He’s our provider and creator. There’s a relationship between God and mankind. Our relationship with God is not an epileptic one but that of strong connection.
Our connection with God is not like electricity to Akosombo which can fail. But our connection with God cannot fail. The degree of greatness you get from God depends on how much you honour Him.
How much do you praise God? I know you will say “oh Steve, when l wake up l say a word of prayer to God and go to church on Sundays”. But is it that how much you can give to God for all His benefits ?
Most of us do not praise God when we are in moments of financial hibernation. But you’ve got to praise God then the breakthrough will come.
Think about Jonah, he was in the belly of a big whale. And in the pre-days all he prayed to God about was how badly God has treated him. Sometimes, what we call prayer is just a complaining session. God is not moved by your complaints, He’s moved by your faith. And praise is faith at work.
My question is “what’s coming out of your mouth” ? Switch over to praise. Father finance is poor but l want to thank you for supplying all my needs. 
After Jonah had complained to God and had no result, he switched to praise. He said “ God in spite of all my difficulties, I’m going to offer unto you sacrifices of praise”. Suddenly, the whale spit him out to the dry ground, and he went to fulfill his destiny. We may also be buried in the belly and valley of a whale. There’s a tendency for you to complain. But come-on, zip up the complaints and switch to praise. Jonah could’ve been spit onto the onto the ocean, but God spit him unto a fertile ground. If you’ll lift some faith praise to God, he’ll not only bring you to your promise Land, but he’ll also make you flourish.
Between you and you destiny is a whale to conquer. Either you defeat it or it defeats you. I’m sure after locked in the whale's belly for days, Jonah grew desperate and gave God his last shout of praise.
Are you weary and frustrated, excited and joyous? Can you give God your last shout of praise? You’ll be amazed how quickly he’ll respond and give you victory.
Praise is the birth position. As you praise God, l believe and declare that God is aligning the forces of Heaven and Earth to your rescue. In Jesus' Name. Amen.  

Team SSM
Writter : SteveSottieMinistries 

By: Stevesottie