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Embrace Network Marketing To Sustain Your Life-Ceo Of Goprocash To Youth


July 1, 2019, 6:40 p.m.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of GoProcash, Daniel Kwasi Owusu has called on the youth to embrace the opportunity Network Marketing (NM) offers to become entrepreneurs.

That he said, would boost the economy of the country and reduce the dependency of the people on government for jobs.

He made the call at the GoProcash Netwok Marketing Engineering Campaign (GNMEC) in Accra on Saturday.

The event which was held under the theme “The future of Network Marketing in Ghana and Africa, using education and technology to bring a mindset change to create financial independence” was also used to launch GNME.

Mr Owusu explained that GoProcash is an institution with the aim to educate the public on NM for them to see it as a viable business option that would reduce unemployment, adding that “GNM is well accredited business to take one out of any uncomfortable working conditions.”

According to him, the problem with job is that one sell time for money which means people are paid based on the working hours while with NM individuals could earn in their comfort zones by recommending products to others through online means.

He indicated that the plight of the nation was attributed to the entrenched mindset of youth and urged them to use the powerful engine which is the mind God has given them to accrue wealth for themselves.

Mr Owusu further stated that using the mind did not mean for them to engage in any scandalous activities but to imitate the western world to adopt things that have helped them to be financially secured.

He observed that 90per cent of Americans did not depend on the government for employment but they relied on direct marketing for residual income, hence the need for the country to adopt NM.

Mr Owusu emphasised that NM do not only give financial freedom but also gives growth that would usher one to become social change agent to transform the lives of people around them.

He noted that technology has lots of benefits that individuals could tap to develop their lives, saying young people understand the social media and how network works therefore they can make money with their mobile phones by engaging in NM.

In order for the public not to see NM as a scam and ponzi, he called on the government and other stakeholders to develop regulations that would sanitise the system for fraudsters not to take advantage of people.
“NM has been in the country for quite too long and the government has to take keen interest in it to set up a regulatory body that will regulate it, notwithstanding that we are in information age and NM holds the key to ending unemployment situation bedeviling the country,” he said.

By Joyceline Natally Cudjoe

Source: Trenditonline.com