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Ghana Honors Ceremony "Celebrating Ghana's Rich Theatre Culture"


May 13, 2019, 7:58 a.m.

On Friday, 10 May 2019, a Press Conference for the 2019 Ghana Honors Ceremony took place at the African Regent Hotel. The press conference was organized by Heritage of Africa, Ghana (HOA) and Healthy Black Communities Inc., USA (HBC) to inform the media, theatre practitioners, businesses, government agencies and other stakeholders of theatre about their upcoming event; the 2019 Ghana Honors Ceremony: “Celebrating Ghana's Rich Theatre Culture!”.

A welcome was given by Rhoda Okobea Ampene, HOA Administrator which highlighted the importance of Theatre serving as a "mirror of life" and a tool for development. She also mentioned a Theatre Awards scheme which will be launched in 2020. The Ghana Honors Ceremony seeks to honour and recognize the pioneers of Theatre; trail blazers that have raised high the torch of Theatre in Ghana. The intention is to recognize businesses, theatre academicians, key government officials and other stakeholders who have supported Theatre within a decade or beyond.

Mr. Solomon Fixon-Owoo, HOA Executive Director highlighted the various roles the organization has played in forwarding the agenda of Theatre in Ghana. Among some activities is the yearly Senior High School drama competition; Broadway Drama Festival held to help students in Senior High to unearth their various talents and showcase their original stories, acting and directing skills, etc. in order to compete for the first position. The winners are taken to Grahamstown, South Africa to perform at their annual National Arts and Drama Festival.

Mr. LaMont Montee Evans, HBC President/CEO as well as the recently enstooled Nana Kwame Sam I, Sanaahene - Nkusukum Traditional Council, Obaatan Division highlighted the great endeavours of HBC both in USA and Ghana. A major focus of HBC is health education and disease prevention. This partnership with HOA is a result of trying to bring solutions to HBC concerns through the powerful tool of Theatre.

In attendance were various media representatives (TV3, UTV, Pan African TV, Graphic Showbiz, UTV Online.com, GH Hypers, Urstruly Praiz) and many others. Some Production houses representatives present were Mr. Emmanuel Abankwa, Yadah Productions, Clemento Suarez, Superfam Network, Foster Romanus, Romanus Empire/Nyansapo Productions, Nii Ayi Solomon, Village Minds, Representatives from Young Entertainers Production (YEP) and many others.

The Press Conference was moderated by Osei Sarpong; who exhibited excellent skills in steering the conversation in the right direction. Many questions were answered, conversations were started and all present were excited about the positive shift this agenda will bring to the Theatre Industry in Ghana. The questions and answers segment touched on the criteria for honouring the pioneers, categories of people going to be honored and suggestions were made concerning the administration of the ceremony. It was mentioned that the Ghana Honors Ceremony will be done annually.

Below are some images from the event: