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Good Friday Miracle Service 2019 With Bishop Dag Heward-Mills


April 20, 2019, 5:29 p.m.

Good Friday Miracle Service was attended by tens of thousands of congregants from different denominations with the majority attendees from the United Denominations, originating from the Lighthouse group of churches led by mega church pastor, Dag Heward-Mills.

The event which was held at the Independence Square in Accra began with intense worship, vibrant praise and fervent prayer. Using parallels from the Bible character Joseph, the Presiding Bishop led the mammoth gathering to pray for Ghana, our leaders, the government, the church and for favour in each person’s life. The congregants prayed for the mercy of God, to have missions, to build churches and bring salvation to many in the country. The Evangelist prayed that the country will be free from road carnage.

He said the church must be a house of prayer and made declarations on them. He also mentioned that, Good Friday must be a very special day for all Christians. In his opinion, it is greater than Christmas day. It is to mark the beginning of a new year for Christians.

The 10,000-member mass choir added a lot of excitement to the service.
Evangelist Dag Heward-Mills, shared a simple sermon titled, “The Story of the Cross of Jesus” which stressed on the sufferings of Jesus Christ and how His death is the greatest value for every believer. He expounded on how Christians must be thankful and show the utmost appreciation to Jesus Christ for dying on the cross for our sins.

The Gospel is more than a message; it is the power of God.  That is why it must not only be preached but also demonstrated.  When preached it is expected it to happen.  The result must not simply be mental ascent to a statement of theological truth, but changed lives; deliverance from bondages, curses, diseases and sin.

The Evangelist prayed over communion for the super-sized crowd to receive healing from all illness. There were attendees who claimed to be healed from all manner of disease and came to the podium to testify. One got out of a wheelchair and began walking.
One of the highlights of the Good Friday Miracle Service was the many young choreographers. It is estimated that, 9,000 dancers performed on the night.  

Several crowds gathered across the country to participate in the live telecast of the service. From Tamale, several thousands witnessed the power of God and reported healing miracles. From Kumasi, the story was the same. Obuasi had a large outdoor gathering with many notable miracles reported. A huge crowd gathered on the Freedom Park in Ho. In Kete Krachi, the service was also experienced by an impressive gathering.

The Good Friday Miracle Service at the Independence Square is the fifth since it started in 2015. Attendance has been swelling each year, a testament to the gains Christianity is making in our land.

Below are more beautiful scenes from the service:









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