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Methodist Church Thief Grabbed


April 26, 2019, 9:42 a.m.

A suspected thief, who broke into the Saint Paul’s Methodist Church in Tema of the Greater Accra Region to steal car batteries, is assisting the Community One District Police Headquarters to investigate the theft case.

The suspect and his accomplice who escaped an arrest were said to have earlier stolen four car batteries belonging to the church vehicles. However, luck eluded them when they were exposed yesterday dawn after removing the batteries.

Assembly Member for Padmore Electoral Area, Charles Amos, explained the incident that led to their arrest to DAILY GUIDE.

He explained: “A security man on duty heard an unusual noise emanating from the car park. He moved closer to ascertain what was causing the noise when he saw a car battery on the ground near one of their buses”.

When he raised his heard, he saw two young men scaling over the fence wall of the church. “Some few hours later, one of them returned to take the battery away and the security man raised the alarm,” he added.

Subsequently, the residents came out in their numbers and subjected the suspect to severe beatings. But for the intervention of the assembly member for the area, the suspect would have been lynched.

Information available to DAILY GUIDE indicates that until yesterday dawn when one of the thieves was arrested for stealing the batteries, the church would have sacked the security men over suspicion of collusion as regards the missing four car batteries.

Dismissal letters were reportedly written to the security men of the church to hand over all properties of the church in their possession before the close of the month.